5 Reasons Why Possums Are Near Your Home

5 Reasons Why Possums Are Near Your Home

Possums are nocturnal animals. They usually show up just before sunset, and that’s when you might find one or more of them in your home late at night. Usually, possums walk through yards looking for food and water, and they eventually move on. But they can cause trouble for homeowners and gardeners. Possums won’t typically enter homes unless they find an easy way in and a good reason, like food, water, or shelter.

They come inside for the same reasons they visit your yard: food, water, and the promise of a cozy shelter. Possums are scavengers, always searching for something to eat or drink, and in some cases, you might even need possum removal services if they’ve become a persistent issue. They’ll come back to places that provide these necessities. Possums are small, nocturnal creatures that may sometimes find their way near your home.

5 Reasons Why Possums Are Near Your Home

1. Easy Food Sources

Possums eat whenever they get the chance. Various foods, such as fruits, vegetables, insects, and even small rodents, are all favourites of theirs. If your garden has ripe fruits or your trash cans are readily available, possums could visit you. If you leave old, rotting fruit on your kitchen table, these curious creatures might smell it and pay a visit.

2. Shelter and Safety

Your home can provide a safe and sheltered spot for possums to hide during the day. They prefer to sleep in lonely, dark regions like crawl spaces, garages, or under decks. These places provide defence against savage weather and predators. Possums usually prefer outdoor spots in rural areas. They might fancy your attic because they like high, dark spaces. Basements, storage sheds, garages, and even decks and crawl spaces can also catch their interest. If it’s dimly lit, these night-loving possums might consider it home.

3. Access to Water

Like all living things, possums require water to survive. If you have a water source in your yard, like a birdbath or pond, it can attract possums looking for a drink.

4. Pet Food

Having a bowl of pet food and water outside your door can also attract opossums. Especially at night, when your pets don’t finish their food quickly, these critters might sneak in for a snack. If you leave pet food outside or have leftovers in your trash, these clever creatures can come to your yard in search of food.

5. Attracted by Smells

Possums have an excellent sense of smell. Strong smells like pet waste, compost, or food leftovers can entice them to your house. Cinnamon’s fragrance attracts possums like a magnet. Sweet potatoes, peanut butter, and sugary treats can also draw them near. So be cautious with these scents if you want to keep possums away.

Like these, there are various top reasons why possums are near your home. By being aware of these causes, you can take precautions to keep possums away if their presence causes a problem. Remember that possums are mostly harmless and help to regulate pest populations, so if you need to keep them away from the area, think about humane methods.

Easy Tricks for Getting Rid of Possums

Seal Entry Points: Close all openings and secure pet doors at night to keep them out.

Use Odd Noises: Scare them away with a radio, TV, or wind chimes. To keep them on edge, occasionally switch up the sounds.

Chilli Powder Trick: Sprinkle chilli powder in your home; possums dislike its smell and taste.

Live Traps: Set up live traps around your property. These work best for possums because of their slow movement.

Handle with Care: Possums can play dead and carry diseases. To keep yourself safe, handle them with care and stay away from their feces.