How To Protect Plants From Possums?

How To Protect Plants From Possums?

The possum population has burst in the past decade or so, as these furry marsupials get themselves appropriate to suburban life. With their quickness and adjusting nature, they can set themselves everywhere in your gardens. Possums are selective look-around creatures and will eat different plants and parts of plants including leaves, stems, flowers, flower buds, fruit and vegetables. Signs of involve chewed leaves, fruit and flowers and fruit being eaten completely. The possum droppings on the ground and hearing rushing sound on the roof at night are also a sign of possum presence around you. 

If you will keep on ignoring them, they may ruin the entire plants that you have grown with some purpose. This post will teach you how to protect plants from possums. Let us try to understand each aspect of this work. 

How To Protect Plants From Possums

Things That Did Not Go

There are many remedies available for possum removal. The commercial animal removal products that are easily available in stores do not work well. Some suggestions involve providing fruit scraps. But these will increase the possum population, instead put around some decoy plants. Another suggestion was to use high-beam sensor lighting and use coffee grounds. However, it also does not work perfectly.

You should not trust anyone selling you anti-possum magic because they have never faced any issues with possums.

How To Make Your Lawn Possum Free?

Making your place possum free will take only a couple of days whether you work with a professional or you are planning to do it on your own. This offers time to trap or wait for any possums present to leave the place, and then a few hours or days to apply safety measures. The precise time depends upon the possum, the size of your property, and how much effort is needed to remove factors that attract animals.

To make sure of fast and successful DIY removal, you will require to pay full attention to areas where possums are supposed to present. The possums can be removed completely within days. There is still some chance that one may wander onto your property, but elimination will effectively keep the possums away.

Various Methods To Remove And Halt Possums From Your Garden 

Trapping –  Trapping is used for both commercial and DIY techniques, trapping a possum includes catching it with the help of a trap and bait. The possum is set free after that in a safe location. Trapping can take some days to catch a possum.

Habitat management- A possum attempt to find out fruits, vegetables, small animals and animal residue for food. They also require a shaded place to build a temporary hole. If your yard does not offer these, they could be irresistible to stop there.

Repelling- Natural and chemical-based repellents can boost other possum control ways with the scents and tastes that possums hate. These will work on discouraging possums instead of harming them. Repellents generally work instantly, although they must often be regularly applied for better results.

Barriers- Physical barriers can reach from possum-proof fencing around the perimeter of any property. It is used to cover individual plants. For possum-proof fencing, a 2.5 m high wire fence is covered by a length of floppy wire that makes it impossible for possums to climb into the area. The wire flops outwards making it difficult for the possums to get over it.

How To Possum Proof Your Garden?

  • The one best thing that reliably works to safeguard your garden is to obstruct the entries by the possums to your fruit, trees or vegetable patches.
  • Start by trimming back the trees and bushes from the tree or vegetable patch you want to save.
  • Add in a mild metal tree collar of at least 1 meter in length around the tree trunk you wish to protect.
  • Small fruit trees can be protected with shade cloth foxed to the tree. Cool cloth allows the fruit to become ripe but is safe for wild animals collectively.
  • Buy environmentally safe wiring with a maximum net size of 10 mm if you wish to net the tree or raised garden bed. Possums need to be able to walk among the netting without it dropping under their weight so they can’t reach the fruit beneath.
  • Plant shrubs and trees that are disliked by possums. Some of these are grevilleas, tea trees, daisies and chrysanthemums.

Find Professional Protection For Your Plants From Possums

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