Possum Removal Methods

Possum Removal Techniques Used By Our Team

Possums are regular natives of Australia and love living in the hollows of trees and forests. Apart from this, possums love living in commercial and residential properties when they do not feel safe in forests. Sometimes, they make hideouts on roofs. Thus possums can cause great damage to your roof and property. Since possums have been protected by law, we can not kill them. These all ask for humane possum removal techniques.

Here at Humane Possum Removal Adelaide, we use various humane techniques to get rid of possums damaging your gardens, backyards and roofs. In most cases, we use possum-catching boxes to remove them humanely. 

What Can You Do To Stop Possums? 

  • Inspect all the entry points 
  • Seal up all the entry and exit points with fine materials 
  • Judging the rich capping and cementing the corner 
  • Examining all the roof tiles, floors, and cementing 
  • Replace the damaged floor and re-nail the loose corrugated 
  • Exploring and proofing the eaves required
  • Inspection of the gables at your premise 
  • Use the baiting method for controlling rats, as they attract possums
  • Block permanent open areas like chimneys
  • Garden Fencing
  • Manage the garbage and dustbins
  • Manage your pet’s food

Possum Box Installation: We Do It In Various Ways

Once the findings are validated, we will devise a management approach for the possums all across your property. The control processes will be outlined in the plan. Possums should be eradicated from your house or business to protect your proper health and safety. Following the completion of the elimination process by our personnel, a follow-up assessment and possum box installation may be required to guarantee that the possums are no further harming your property.

  • Possum box installation on a tree
  • Possum box installation on the roof
  • Possum box installation in your garden
  • Possum box installation in your backyard
  • Possum box installation underdeck
  • Possum nesting box installation

How Do We Remove Possums?

Inspection: It is essential for possum control to be successful. It will help you in finding out the exact location of the possums present in your home. Our team will deeply inspect your home to make the treatment process much easier.

Treatments: We use boxes and cages to manage and remove possums. These are installed all around the land after a comprehensive assessment and knowledge of how to attract possums to these boxes and cages.

Prevention: We suggest prevention techniques and make your treatment last forever.