Helpful Tips To Controlling The Possum Population Around Your House

Helpful Tips To Controlling The Possum Population Around Your House

One of the great things about owning your first home is the freedom that comes with space. You’ll love being able to delve in and find your own little secret hiding spots, make a few extra rooms for your animals and friends, add more liveliness to the space – you are free at last! The downside of house-ownership, however, is managing pests such as rodents and predators. One problem in particular that has grown quite popular recently is that wild rabbits often make their way into our homes.

What can you do to deter a possum?

If you live in an area where possums are common, there are a few things you can do to help control their population. Any effective approach will require your cooperation with your neighbors, as possums are naturally territorial and will ignore any efforts to keep them away from their food sources.

Rodenticides: Possums are primarily insect-eating animals, so poisoning them with rodenticides will drive them away from your home and make it less likely that they’ll return. Be sure to use the correct bait for the type of rodent you’re killing–some possums target birds, so using a bird killer will have no effect. Don’t use poisons that can harm children or pets- Pellets that scatter on the ground may be fatal to small animals if ingested. Make sure to read the product label before using a poison.

Fences: A good barrier between your house and the possum population is a sturdy fence (at least 3 feet high). Fences aren’t always necessary- If your house is situated on a cul-de-sac or other protected location, you may be able to avoid building a fence altogether. Be sure to check with your local zoning board before erecting any kind of fence.

How can you remedy recent possum sightings?

To some, possums are cute creatures that curl up and sleep in the sun. To others, they’re pests that cause widespread destruction in yards and gardens. How can you control their populations? Here are a few helpful tips:

– discouragement with noise and food: Remove any piles of food or scraps around homes or gardens where possums live. Make sure compost is not available outside of designated areas for gardening activities. Fences bordering yards should be high enough to keep the animals out, but not so high as to exclude them from eating necessary vegetation. Try using scarecrows to create an eerie appearance that will discourage the animals from coming close; however, do not use them if you have plants or flowers in your garden that might be damaged.

– exclusion with fencing: If exclusion is not an option, erect a fence at least 4 feet high. Include a top rail so that the possums cannot climb over it; additionally, make sure the wire is tightly woven so that it’s difficult for them to get through. Be sure to place objects within the fence’s perimeter (such as large rocks) so that they may not use it as a route across. Fences must also be checked regularly for damage

Possum Facts and Tips

Possums are herbivores that eat leaves, fruit, seeds, berries and even insects. You’ll want to keep your possum numbers in check so they don’t become a nuisance around your property. Here are some tips to help: 

-Trim back overgrown vegetation on your property that the possums may be eating or nesting in.

-Create exclusion zones around your home where the possum will not be able to get inside. This might include areas around the foundation, under eaves and around any openings that the possum may use such as doorways or windows.

-Feed your possum (grapefruit chunks) in an area visible from the outside of the home.

Repellents that Are Effective Against Nesting Critters

There are a number of effective repellents that can be used to control the possum population around your house. Some of the most common repellents are citrus oils and DEET products. Both of these repellents work by causing the possums to become sick or irritated, which will cause them to abandon their nests. However, there are a number of other repellents that are also effective against possums, so it is important to research which one is best suited for your possum removal problem.

Safe Ways to Kill a Possum Around Your House Under Permit

If you are in the backyard and see a possum, it is important to know how to safely kill the animal so that it does not come back. Possums can be a nuisance, eating crops or flowers, and urinating or defecating in gardens or on decks. If you have a pet, possums can also be dangerous because they may prey on the pet’s food.

Here are some safe ways to kill a possum: 

1. Fear tactics: Appear larger than the possum and make lots of noise. This will frighten the animal and might cause it to run away.

2. Poison: Use poisonous bait such as peanut butter or sweetcorn that has been laced with poison. Make sure the bait is placed where the possum can reach it without being disturbed. Once the possum eats the bait, it will die from the poison. Make sure to follow all safety instructions carefully before using this method.

3. Shooting: If you have a license to carry a gun, shooting is an option. Aim for the head or vital areas in order to kill the possum quickly and without injury to yourself or others.