3 Easy DIY Possum Deterrents For Your Home & Garden

3 Easy DIY Possum Deterrents For Your Home & Garden

Possums are nocturnal animals that are known to enjoy coming into your home to lay their eggs. While they may be cute and cuddly during the day, they can cause major headaches when they invade your space at night. Here’s a list of 3 easy DIY possum deterrents you can use in your home to keep these pesky little pests out!

Possum Deterrents For Your Home & Garden

What Is A Possum?

A possum is a small marsupial that is native to Australia. Possums are common in urban areas and often feed on garbage. They can be a nuisance because they damage property and eat some crops.

There are several ways to deter possums from your home. One way is to use noise deterrents, such as recordings of owls or other animals. Another way is to use barriers, such as wire mesh or posts with spikes on them. You can also put repellent devices around your home, such as citrus fruits or pet food bowls filled with rocks.

Where To Find Supplies For DIY Possum Deterrents

1) If you’re looking for supplies to make DIY possum deterrents, you can find everything you need at most hardware stores. You’ll just need some wire mesh, duct tape, and a couple of screws.

2) The best way to make DIY possum deterrents is to put them in places where they’re likely to be used. This means placing them in areas where there are plenty of food sources, such as under trees or near yards with gardens.

3) Once you’ve placed your deterrents, make sure to keep an eye on them and replace them as needed. If all goes well, your home will now be protected from the pesky possums!

A Backyard Possum Is A Native Animal Of Australia

If you’re tired of having possums in your backyard, there are a few easy DIY possum deterrents that you can make at home.

First, one easy DIY possum deterrent is to make a funnel out of a plastic water bottle. Cut the top off the water bottle and then cut a small hole in the bottom. Place the funnel over the entrance of the hole in your fence or garden feeder and fill it with food. The possums will be unable to get inside the fence or feeder, and they will eventually move on.

Another easy DIY possum deterrent is to put up a fence made out of PVC pipe. You’ll need six feet of PVC pipe for each side of your fence, and you’ll also need some stakes to hold it in place. Cut two pieces of PVC pipe that are about four feet long and then connect them together using a coupling piece. Make sure that the ends of the pieces are not sharp so that the possums won’t be able to break through the fence.

Finally, one easy DIY possum deterrent is to place plant pots on top of your trees. This will keep the possums from climbing up into the trees to eat leaves.

Some Possum Food Possibilities:

There are a number of things you can do to deter possums from entering your home. Some of these ideas include putting up a barrier such as a fence, installing spikes on the outside of your home, or setting NHMCO traps.

One easy way to deter possums is to feed them, Possum Chow. This food is specially formulated to attract possums and will keep them away from your home for a period of time. You can find Possum Chow at most pet stores or online. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully, as incorrect feeding could lead to problems with your home warranty.

Another easy way to deter possums is to use some easy DIY deterrents. For example, you can place a bowl of apple slices outside your home in an area where possums are known to visit. You can also put out some bird seed in areas where possums are known to lurk. These simple deterrents will help keep possums away from your home while keeping your property safe and clean.

How To Trap A Possum

If you’re concerned about possums in your yard, there are a few easy DIY deterrents you can try. One way is to trap the possum with a trap. This can be done by setting a cage trap or a live trap.

Another option is to make a scarecrow. This can be done by cutting a square out of cardboard and filling it with hay or leaves. Then, paint the scarecrow’s face and body white and hang it from a tree or post. The possum will be scared away by the realistic look of the scarecrow.

How To Release A Possum Back Into The Wild

One of the best ways to prevent possums from entering your home is by creating deterrents. There are a few easy DIY deterrents that you can do at home.

The first deterrent is to release a possum back into the wild. When you release a possum back into the wild, it will learn that it is not safe to come into your home. This will help to prevent future possums from entering your home.

Another easy DIY deterrent is to install a fence around your property. This will help to keep possums out of your yard and off of your property. You can also install motion-activated lights around your property to scare away possums at night.

Finally, you can install shed doors or windows. This will keep critters from getting inside your home through open windows or doors.